Roadkill Bill: Part 2 of Vincent Van Gogh in America

It’s clear sailing ahead on penciling the second book of Bicyclopolis, except for the Minnesota State Fair Sketch-Out. In the meantime, we continue with the saga of Vincent Van Gogh, cloned from a piece of his ear in last week’s comic. In today’s comic, Van Gogh attempts to eke a living painting the contemporary American scene. […]

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Sunday Summary – August 16, 2015

It’s been a hot week in Minnesota and I am grateful for street trees and their shade. While keeping cool, writers also kept busy and here’s the week: At Metropolitan State University Parking Defeats Education showcases a letter to about a 2013 post by David Levinson which called out Metro State’s proposed (now enacted) […]

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Quarterly Transit Report–August 2015

The August 22 quarterly schedule change is pretty modest in scope, with only two items worth reporting. St. Paul School Service Following Minneapolis’ successful shift of high school students from school buses to public transit, St. Paul Public Schools has been interested in trying it. There was much discussion with Metro Transit last year and […]

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Metropolitan State University's new parking ramp

At Metropolitan State University Parking Defeats Education

Susan Klingenberg writes to about an article from 2 years ago: Mis-structuring employee parking charges: An example from a local university, about beleaguered Metropolitan State University. The facts in this letter have been corroborated by Metropolitan State University staff. Relevant documentation can be found in this PDF, compiled from email messages to the Metro State Community: MSParking1. […]

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Oak Street Protected Bikeway, Minneapolis (at Washington Avenue)

The Five Stages of Roadspace Repurposing

with Kevin Krizek. Five stages of repurposing. Places across the globe are at different points on the spectrum about repurposing roadspace, away from storage of cars, and toward movement of people. We (undoubtedly mis-)apply the Kübler-Ross model of grief felt by the motorist at the forthcoming loss of automobile roadspace for cycling facilities. A similar […]

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Using Zip Codes, these are the number of jobs in Downtown Minnepolis over time.

Chart of the Day: Downtown Minneapolis Employment

Downtown remains at steady state. Square footage is set to increase with the opening of the new buildings in Downtown East. Will that increase total employment or just shuffle desks? Data: Year Downtown Minneapolis Employment 1980 148000 1990 155000 2000 171000 2002 159000 2012 158000 is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely […]

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Time for Downtown Minneapolis to Turn Over a New Leaf

I perked up this morning at the Star Tribune headline, “Growing a Greener Downtown Minneapolis,” written by the newspaper’s editorial council. While I applaud plans for more trees and greenery downtown, I must question whether Minneapolis has indeed “turned over a new leaf,” so to speak. While the Pathways to Places remains a plan, the evidence […]

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Let’s Legalize Slow Streets

Every month or two, my wife and I visit her parents in Appleton, Wisconsin. It’s a nice college town with a strong bar scene set on the beautiful Fox River. Their downtown shares many characteristics of the busier stretches of Grand Avenue in St. Paul, except for the speed limit: in downtown Appleton, it’s 25 […]

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Were They Wearing a Helmet?

On Sunday, an 82 year-old man was biking in Columbia Heights when a motorist hit the bicyclist with his car, killing the bicyclist. Soon after, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition tweeted the article and shared their condolences to the family. Very sad to hear that 82-yr old man was killed last week while biking at Mpls border. Thoughts […]

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Railroad Crossing Exempt

Now Exempt

Follow up on my Buses and Railroad Crossings post from August 11, 2014. At some point recently an “Exempt” sign was added, so buses need no longer stop here (the railroad crossing on Franklin Avenue adjacent to I-94). The line has been essentially unused since Bemis closed stopped getting shipments. The site is now being reconfigured as Brickhouse Lofts. In […]

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Map Monday: Saint Paul Pedestrian Crashes

In honor of Saint Paul’s “pedestrian safety week,” here’s a map showing all the (reported) “pedestrian crashes” in the city for the past 10 years. This is from the city’s just released “pedestrian assessment report“: Here’s what the report says about this map: Figure 4: Pedestrian Crashes in Saint Paul, 2005-2014 – The majority of […]

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Map Monday: Upward Mobility for Children in Poor Families

The New York Times has a large interactive map showing what it calls “income mobility” around the country, especially for poor families. Here’s the Upper Midwest: The lesson here is that Minnesota is better off than many places around the country. From the accompanying article: Based on the earnings records of millions of families that […]

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sign on building that says "whittier"

Fixing High-Renter, Low-Equity Neighborhood Orgs

Minneapolis’ Whittier neighborhood has an equity problem. It’s 83 percent renter; half of households are cost-burdened; one third live in poverty. Yet the Whittier neighborhood organization, the Whittier Alliance, is pushing for higher rents and fancier amenities in a new building proposed as affordable “workforce” housing: “I think you’re underestimating the neighborhood in terms of design, character […]

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Are Minnesota’s Construction Defect Laws Causing a Condo Shortage?

It’s no secret that Minneapolis is experiencing both an apartment boom and condo dearth at the same time, which begs the question, “why aren’t condos being built at the same rate as apartments?” According to many,  Minnesota’s construction defect laws are to blame. The rhetoric usually claims Minnesota has unique construction defect laws for condos; it’s said […]

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Sunday Summary – August 9, 2015

August oozes toward the State Fair, back to school, and winter bike commuting. Did you know you can continue this week’s conversations in-depth at the Forum?   Indeed you can and perhaps you should click the Forum link in the menu bar to get there and talk about many issues raised here plus much more […]

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