Transportation Emojis: An Objective Analysis

In today’s fast-paced and over-scheduled world, people don’t have the time–they just don’t have the time. Especially the young people. Between Netflix, taking pictures of sandwiches, and padding resumes, these young people (often referred to as #Millennials by marketers and other less obvious shysters) have quietly developed a new, improved method of communication that saves […]

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The Mississippi is well above its usual level as evidenced by the bank on the across the river.

Flood Lore from Yore and More

June 20, 2014 Highland Park, West End, Lowertown, Downtown 16.5 Miles A record-setting June for rainfall prompted me to make another trip along the Mississippi River to see how bad the flooding was. The 4.13 inches of rain that fell on June 19, a day before this ride, was the fifth wettest day since 1871, […]

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Franklin Library Celebrates 100 Years of Service

This year the Franklin Library celebrates its 100th year serving the East Phillips neighborhood in South Minneapolis.  In preparation for the anniversary celebration last month I researched the library’s long history by making my way through the branch’s annual reports and other documents from 1914 to 2014; this research has revealed a fascinating and intimate bond between […]

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We can learn a lot from snow. I had a lot of thoughts as I drove around during and after our instant winter (text is above photos). This is Grand Avenue on Wednesday afternoon. Kind of a two mile long sneckdown. That’s almost 9′ width from the first car to clear asphalt and everywhere was […]

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Chart of the Day: Minneapolis Tax Levy vs. State LGA Funding

Here’s a (blurry) chart courtesy of Star Tribune reporter Eric Roper’s Twitter feed showing the relationship between Minneapolis’ property tax levy and state LGA funding. (This presumably comes from a powerpoint on the proposed budget): [Red line = state LGA funds; blue bars = total Minneapolis property tax levy.] There’s a discussion of it on Roper’s […]

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Give to the .MN Day

That’s right, today is Give to the .MN Day, Streets.MN that is. Go here, give us your hard earned electronic cash, and Join Streets.MN, Minnesota’s (and America’s, if we might brag) best transportation and land use community blog. We’ll keep the lights on for ya’. is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on […]

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Chasin’ the Train

For best results, read this post while listening to this: I had a good time this Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday and, donning my bird-killing Vikings’ stadium costume, I ventured out into the city atop my bicycle to take pictures of spooky houses, enjoy the kid-full sidewalks, and visit friends. I made it to a […]

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The Walking Revolution

The Walking Revolution – 2013

From Every Body Walk! PLUS  1 year ago  NOT YET RATED A 30-minute documentary film that’s guaranteed to get you walking, The Walking Revolution explores the tremendous changes a regular walking routine can make in your life and your community. Our cities were once designed on a human scale. As more and more people took to the […]

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Rotterdam Tram, trying to bring some country to the city.

Creating Transitopolis

The City vs. Country mismatch (where we plan for transportation systems seemingly independent of the context: city or country (suburb)) is especially relevant in metropolitan areas constructing expensive medium and high capacity transit lines to presently undeveloped places, or (re-)constructing and widening freeways in the midst of core cities. If we are building a city, […]

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Sunday Summary – November 9, 2014

Here’s the week on plowed curb to curb to keep your reading clear: Collaboration Sustainable City Logistics in ʼs-Hertogenbosch is a cool video describing the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch’s smart and sustainable distribution systems. With collaboration and cooperation from the business community and city government, the city coordinates deliveries, waste removal and other logistics in […]

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The Impending Decline of Second-Ring Suburbs

There is a small war going on in America’s second-ring suburbs. As many places cautiously emerge out of the housing recession, the uptick in new development has been at odds with concerned citizens, elected officials, developers and long-range community plans. Aging suburbia is going through an identity crisis. The only word that comes to mind: bipolar. To best describe […]

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HAWK Signal Indications

Pedestrian HAWK Signal

  HAWK signals are one of many strategies to empower pedestrians trying to cross busy streets. Push the button (yes a beg button, but think of it more as a command button), and the lights, which had been flashing, change to solid red, so cars stop and you can safely and respectably cross the street. This in […]

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Chart of the Day: 4-3 Road Diets Safety vs. Congestion

Here are two charts for you, both on the 4-3 road diet topic. The first is from a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)-Michigan Division powerpoint overview, and the second is from a 2012 Michigan-DOT study. They have quite different things to say about 4-3 road diets, and suggest some of the reasons that the design change might be […]

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