Green Art for the Green Line — Part III

Today, I’m going to focus on David Zinn’s temporary street art, as an example of a way to create an ever-changing treasure hunt along the Green Line. With small creatures to be discovered on the sidewalk and in the landscape, walking is greatly enriched. In my neighborhood, I know of three locations that are favorites […]

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Chart of the Day: Millennial Mode Share

Even though I think might want to add a ban on the word ‘millennial’ into its stylesheet, this week an interesting report came out from USPIRG about transportation habits of the generation that is just slightly younger than me (i.e. “millennials”) called “Millennials in Motion.” It comes complete with a bunch of interesting charts like […]

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Woodley Street, Northfield: Narrowing the focus

Northfield’s City Council is getting ready to discuss Woodley Street’s sidewalks on October 28. If this work session conversation follows the well-worn path of earlier sidewalk and street improvement projects, it will go something like this: progressive Council members who consider projects in the context of Northfield’s adopted policy (Comprehensive Plan, Safe Routes to School, […]

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LRT Beats Bus in the Central Corridor

Yesterday Metro Transit put out a press release that Central Corridor ridership has doubled since the Green Line started up. That’s a true statement, but there’s more to it, so here are some additional numbers. Before Green Line construction started, Routes 16, 50, and 94 together were averaging 650,000 riders per month. During the construction period […]

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Photo of the Day: The Intercity Monorail that Never Was

A year after the Minnesota Zoo monorail ceased operation, we look back at another short monorail in Dakota County that was a prototype for grander plans that never materialized. Enos Electric Railway Company of St. Paul, an excerpt from Larwence A. Martin’s Railroads in Minnesota page. Check it out for more fascinating history. “Businessmen sought […]

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Chart of the Day: Charles Jencks’ Architectural Evolutionary Tree

If you’re into architecture, this is a riveting attempt to place most of the 20th century into an “evolutionary tree,” made by the theorist Charles Jencks…   I like how Le Corbousier shows up all over the place, including under “purism”, near “brutalism, and somehow under the category “Unselfconcious 80% of environment” (whatever that means)… […]

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Chart of the Day: Minnesota County State Aid Highway Funding

Here’s a chart from the Minnesota House Research primer on the state’s County State Aid Highway (CSAH) system (which I referenced in last week’s post on the transportation planning debate).   It’s a bit complicated. For example, according to the House Research document, For 2013, the excess sum is $133.9 million or around 28 percent of […]

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Map Monday: Neighborhood Funding in Minneapolis

Here’s a map from a recent Star Tribune column on Minneapolis’ long-standing neighborhood engagement funding showing the “unspent funding” allocated neighborhood funding for each of the city’s neighborhoods.   The history of this program is complex, but connects to debates over civic engagement and tensions between renters and homeowners throughout the city. The article is a […]

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The Evolution of the Green Line: A Retrospective

Metro Transit’s Green Line opened in June, 2014. While ridership almost immediate beat “expectations“1, and the line was quickly declared “a success“, at first there were still bugs in the works related to traffic signal timings and thus overall run-time and reliability, and safety. Though the planners felt this line on the map was permanently drawn, a review […]

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Sunday Summary – October 12, 2014

Here’s the week on, beautifully blurbed and creatively categorized: Stop, Look and Listen Stop: This week, equity issues (which are almost always lack of equity issues) figure prominently as continues to expand the conversation about transportation, land use and include more viewpoints. Three Things You Should Know about the Suburban Equity Cry reviews some […]

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In Transit: Mississippi River

A part of a series covering a canoe voyage down the entire length of the Mississippi river, this episode shows the arrival in Minneapolis. The most interesting piece (to me, at least) is that we get to see up close the workings of the lock at Saint Anthony Falls. is a non-profit and is […]

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