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Put a Lid on It?

There’s quite a bit of chitter-chatter about lidding the I35W interstate through Cedar-Riverside, coming out of downtown. First, the Star-Tribune wrote about it. Then Charlie Zelle mentioned it at Policy & A Pint on January 16: Charlie Zelle’s mention of putting a lid on 35W between downtown & U of M solicits cheers from the […]

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Friday Photo – Rendering the Rendering

When most of us see architectural renderings, we go through an automatic process of uncloaking them to create a mental image of what a building or streetscape might actually look like. Renderings are, of course, PR tools–slick representations of best-case scenarios under ideal conditions. Especially in the case of recent proposals for a new development on […]

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What’s In a Brick?

Many progressive U.S. cities, Minneapolis included, spend a bit extra to spruce up intersections, medians or sidewalks through detailed brick treatments. I am talking about ADA crosswalks that are brick-laid as opposed to a pre-formed single plastic piece. Cycling intersections that have different concrete treatments to signal an intersection. Medians or shoulders with brick landscaping […]

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Making Downtown East Commons a Great Place

This past weekend the Star Tribune reported the Minneapolis city staff have recommended approval of a $1.8 million contract with Hargreaves Associates to design Downtown East Commons, the 4.2 acre park proposed on two and one half blocks near the new Wells Fargo campus and Minnesota Vikings stadium. The park and campus are being developed […]

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Suburb to Suburb Express Buses: The Final Frontier

Since Metro Transit purchased the privately-owned Twin City Lines in 1970, it has begun serving some of the many transit travel markets neglected by TCL’s downtown-oriented network of local bus routes. The first step was to extend those local routes to suburban shopping centers and residential areas. Simultaneously a very large system of rush hour expresses for […]

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An Unpleasant Experience on a Bus

A brief story, told at the dire risk of appearing to fashionably equate my own issues with those of others who have been in the news lately. Was on a bus yesterday. Same as any day! Caught the afternoon ride home a little later than usual due to a dentist appointment–pressure continues to mount for […]

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Podcast #79: Saint Paul’s Ward 2 with Rebecca Noecker

The podcast this week is a conversation with Rebecca Noecker, who is a candidate for city council in Saint Paul’s Ward 2. Rebecca is a former teacher and currently works doing development for an education nonprofit in Minneapolis, as well as serving on the city Planning Commission. Current council member and former podcast guest Dave […]

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8 Reasons Biking and Walking Should be Part of the State Transportation Bill

Transportation is one of the top issues at the State Legislature this year and is already getting a lot of media attention. As it should–investing in a modern transportation system is critical for Minnesota’s economic competitiveness and quality of life. But walking and biking have mostly been left out of that conversation so far. The […]

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West Broadway LRT

Here’s an idea for how to get light-rail transit onto West Broadway while connecting the Northside with its river front. West Broadway is one of Minneapolis’ most important streets but it’s physically divided from downtown and the rest of the city. Highways and railroad tracks make travel between downtown and North Minneapolis unattractive. Additionally, North Minneapolis […]

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Maps of the Day: 10-Year Traffic Trends at MnDOT’s Automated Recorders

These maps show the 10-year traffic trends from 2003 to 2013 at MnDOT’s automatic traffic recorders (or ATR’s). The ATR’s, also called Continuous Traffic Recorders, are permanently installed at select locations on Minnesota highways (a mix of interstate, state highway, county highway, and local roads) and continuously measure traffic volumes 24/7. There are 91 locations […]

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Development and Taxes in Linden Hills

Many neighborhoods want restricted development, low taxes, and ample city services. The problem is that they can have only two. In August 2014, many residents of Linden Hills, a rich neighborhood in southwest Minneapolis, voiced their opposition to a proposed four-story mixed-use building in the neighborhood’s commercial node at 43rd St and Upton Ave. The […]

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Sunday Summary – January 11, 2015

The holiday lull is over and normal traffic has resumed here on streets.mn.  As you drive through the week, here are some places to exit for critique, complaint, challenge and  fun. Building for bikes Things We Build Even Though Use May Be Seasonal works to undermine the common justification for not building bike lanes by agreeing […]

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Chart/Map of the Day: Property Values vs. Traffic

Here’s something from occasional streets.mn writer Scott Shaffer’s blog, showing property values and traffic density in Minneapolis. Pretty to say the least. Industrial land really jumps off the page, as does parking and freeway-proximate empty space. I think this is a very complicated relationship, and you’d probably have to dive into a lot more detail […]

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