Thoughts on Target Field Station

With the emerging debacle of The Yard prominent in the press (Strib and blogosphere), it is natural to overlook the fact that downtown Minneapolis just opened a brand new public space. It is called Target Field Station (formerly The Interchange), and despite Tom Fisher’s review on MinnPost, people actually use it and it is pretty nice. So considering downtown […]

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The Quarterly Transit Report

Intro note: After retiring from Metro Transit in 2006, I wanted to give public officials good technical info so they could make better public transit policy decisions. Metro Transit changes schedules four times a year, so I started this quarterly report to explain the important ones. It goes to a small email list, but folks have […]

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“I’m Not Opposed To Development”

Last Wednesday I found myself in a nearly empty meeting room, observing the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA) at work. This has been an all-too-frequent circumstance for me in recent months, as I work the Wedge-beat for a fake news organization called @WedgeLIVE. I was there to watch the proposed development known as Frank-Lyn inch […]

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Franklin Avenue RR Xing

Buses and Railroad Crossings

Buses are required by law to stop at railroad crossings (except where exempted, such as the light rail tracks on University Avenue in the Twin Cities). This is for safety reasons, the law was implemented in Utah for school buses after a terrible accident. The Deseret News reports: DeVon Andrus of Cedar City wrote, “I endorse everything […]

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Sunday Summary – August 10, 2014

Here’s the complete week on thoughtfully organized and helpfully annotated: Events: If you know about a transportation or land use related event, we’d love to know about it, too.  Events is the complete guide to this feature of the site.  Events are also good topics for posts, if you’d like to write for […]

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1906 Market Street – With Sound!

This short film shows a shared street environment in 1906 San Francisco a few days before an earthquake and fire destroyed much of the city. This version includes a designed audio track. If you prefer a shorter, lower resolution viewing experience here is part of the video played to La Femme D’Argent by the band […]

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Transportation for a Booming Dinkytown

Attention, Dinkytown regulars! If you’re interested in helping advocate for sustainable transportation solutions for the neighborhood, you’ll have a chance at next Tuesday’s Dinkytown Transportation Forum!   Dinkytown is getting crowded The SE Minneapolis business node has emerged with one of the most prolific redevelopment markets in Minneapolis. With six housing developments currently under construction […]

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MSP Walking Tour – Get Some Exercise, Spread Some Local Love

For a few different reasons, I started doing urban walks around Minneapolis/St. Paul areas in early July. It started out with just walking, but it got boring. I then figured why not take pictures of local businesses and areas of interest, learn more about my fine metro during these walks and spread some local love […]

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A Southwest Light Rail Explainer

August 03, 2014, back seat of a Toyota 4Runner, Highway 169, Central Minnesota: “So what’s going on with that train stuff?” “Ah, it’s kind of a long story at this point.” Without Even Mentioning Light Rail The contentious portion of our story begins in the 1990s, when the intersection of Hiawatha Avenue and Lake Street […]

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Houten (Holland): Heaven or Hollow?

The next post of the EU BICI series stays in the Netherlands and travels to the widely acclaimed bike town of Houten. “We keep it simple: we design all bike facilities in town to be 3.5 meters wide.” -Andre Botermans, urban planner for the town of Houten (the Netherlands) talking on June 25, 2014 to a delegation […]

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The Other Green Line

To me, mass transit is all about creating opportunities for connections between people and their communities.  Beyond the very literal connection of traveling from one place to another, our transit lines have the potential to help people explore their surroundings in new ways and make unexpected discoveries.  I think a lot about this.  How do […]

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Chart of the Day – StreetsStats

While we try to avoid being too navel-gazely over here at, today’s chart of the day is about you, our readers. We plot site visits per month vs. articles written per month, starting in January 2012, the official launch of the site. The correlation (r) between site visits (left axis, blue), and articles (right […]

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Winter is Coming–Embrace It

Minnesota Winter: You’re probably intimately familiar with it. The Weather Channel, the MySpace of weather, noted earlier this year that the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area has the coldest average winter temperature of any large metropolitan area in the country. And you complained! And your friends and your coworkers and your neighbors complained, because if it […]

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A Bicycle Commute to the Suburbs

Until very recently, I held a job in a typical office/manufacturing building out in Chanhassen, MN, a very auto-oriented place that happens to be served by a great regional recreational trail. During the few months where living in Minneapolis aligned with my job, I decided to bike commute out a couple times a week as weather and […]

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