photo of traffic signal lights

Warrants for Traffic Signals, Part 1

Previous articles of mine have covered just about every facet of traffic signals, including how they work, how timing and phasing are set, and even how to identify who made a particular signal. But what about how it’s decided whether to add or remove a signal in the first place? That is done through “warrants” […]

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Change in number of jobs accessible within 30 minutes by transit available with Metro Transit A-Line

Map Monday: Accessibility Analysis of Metro Transit A-Line BRT

This is a report on some work my colleagues and I have done evaluating accessibility on the soon-to-open Metro Transit A-Line BRT running from Rosedale to the Blue Line in Minneapolis. The line improves speeds on the local bus line through various improvements, most notably all-door boarding. Most notably, it increases frequency and reduces the number of stops. […]

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Sunday Summary – June 12, 2016

Hot, hazy and humid in much of Minnesota this week, so welcome to summer.  Today is also the end of National Fishing and Boating Week with free fishing in Minnesota. Check out the week’s posts, then perhaps you can hit one of Minnesota’s 10,000+ (the DNR reports there are 11,842 lakes 10 acres or larger).  Or […]

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Not Seeing Pedestrians is Not an Excuse

My kids always seems to be running into each other, knocking each other down, and otherwise hurting each other. “But I didn’t try to,” they’ll say. “You have to try not to,” I respond. Kids have to learn to control their movements so they don’t hurt the people around them. For example, if you throw […]

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For Detours, the Green Line Needs Much Better Public Information

This Saturday, June 4th, I enjoyed watching Minnesota’s best athletes, the national women’s basketball champion team at the Target Center. The Lynx just won their seventh straight game, 80-63, remaining undefeated this season. Dallas gave them lots of tense moments, with many times being within a handful of points of taking the lead. After the game, […]

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Map of the Day: Workforce Population Change, 2010 – 2040

Here’s an interesting map from a blogpost by the terrific Chicago-based writer, Aaron Renn. The map comes from a Pew Charitable Trust report that offers some population projections. This one shows the “workforce” data, the number of people in the peak working demographic of 25-54. Here you go: It’s interesting to me because Minneapolis / […]

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Some Visions for West Seventh Transit

How do you fit all the public amenities needed for a 21st century city into a 19th century street? Some cities benefited from great forethought, like Salt Lake City, and gave a few extra feet here and there for the public realm. Saint Paul, my hometown, wasn’t as generous. As I have discussed before, I’m […]

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City Centers Thrive Without Cars

I’ve just returned from a trip abroad (Scotland & Ireland) and am having familiar thoughts: why do other countries seem to get things about urban design that America just doesn’t? Okay, so looking around a bit while on vacation isn’t exactly a scientific way to evaluate the relatively quality of urban planning, but it’s not […]

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Sunday Summary – June 5, 2016

Welcome to June, Summer, and the past week on We’ve got transit, politics, links, and more, but do we have your voice? If not, you could write for us. Or on June 14, you could come join us for Happy Hour at The Local – we’d love to see you in print or in person. Current […]

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Tribute to Parking and Industrial Areas We Have Lost

Over the last ten years, Minneapolis’ Wedge neighborhood has seen the industrial and parking areas adjacent to the Midtown Greenway transformed into one apartment building after another. It’s a process that’s increasingly familiar to many neighborhoods across the Twin Cities. Here’s a pretend mournful look back at what one neighborhood has lost, and what others may have coming their way. […]

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Chart of the Day: Expensive vs Expansive US Cities

Here’s a neat chart from a Canadian urbanism blog called Spacing Toronto, about the relationship between density and affordability for housing in different US cities. Here’s the chart: In the detailed blog post, Dylan Reid explains how there’s a “paradox” in the results, where the cities with the highest density are also the cities that are […]

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Inverted pyramid of Complete Streets mode prioritization

Minneapolis is at a Crossroads with New Public Works Director Appointment

Like many municipalities across Minnesota, Public Works is the largest department in the City of Minneapolis. From streets and snow plowing, to recycling, drinking water and stormwater, Public Works employees design, build, operate and maintain a diverse amount of infrastructure. Public Works may often be thought of as a nuts-and-bolts department focused on maintenance and […]

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